Customized self-adhesive automatic laminating machine double-sided adhesive label cutting and laminating machine

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Product Description
Customized self-adhesive automatic laminating machine double-sided adhesive label cutting and laminating machine


Pdoduct name

Full-automatic film covering cutting machine

Product model HDK-500ZF
Power supply 220V 50/60Hz
Cutting length(mm) 0.1-99999.9mm
Cutting speed 30-160pcs/min
Feeding width 1-500mm    
Cutting precision 0.1mm
Weight 150kg
Size (L×W×H)  910*790*990mm
Feeding motor Stepper motor
Cutter motor AC motor
Cutter material High-speed steel





1. All kinds of film, cloth, paper and other roll materials can be cut.

2. The adjustable speed motor cooperates with the photoelectric sensor to realize automatic unwinding and synchronous cutting, with faster speed, higher efficiency and more accurate precision.
3. The machine adopts compact design, smaller volume, and is equipped with all-in-one foot cup casters, which can be moved and installed at any time.
4. Adopting a spring-type feeding mechanism and an adjustable angle receiving table, no matter the thickness of the material can be neatly collected, saving labor.
5. Humanized design, simple operation, stable performance and easy maintenance. It can be cut regardless of the thickness of the material.
6. Additional brackets are used for double-roll material bonding, which is stable, convenient and integrated, and can be placed on various roll materials for cutting.




Material application



Suitable for cutting all kinds of self-adhesive, release paper, roll paper, kraft paper, insulating paper, fast paper, wrapping paper, heat transfer paper, warning paper, glitter paper, PET/PVC/PE/OPP/BOPP /ITO/OCA film, release film, protective film, plastic film, electrostatic film, heat shrinkable film, hot melt adhesive film, thermoplastic film, heat transfer film, reflective film, electrostatic film, non-woven fabric, melt blown cloth , Flocking cloth, non-woven cloth, knitted cloth, dust-free cloth, conductive aluminum foil, copper foil tape, stainless steel sheet, copper tape, tin foil, plastic film, Velcro, elastic band, webbing, cloth strip, pu leather, double-sided tape, EVA Adhesive printing roll materials such as foam and sponge.









Product principle:

1. Automatic group accumulation and total cumulative count
2. Batch pause and delay time can be set

3. There are various manual operations for debugging
4.Fully automatic cutting of various stickers, films, double-sided tape, EVA foam backing, conductive cloth, etc.
5. High-speed feeding, controlled by microcomputer program with an accuracy of 0.1mm
6. High-speed stepping motor accurately controls cutting length and speed
7. Cutting time protection; total setting; sub-setting; adjustable timeout
8. The cutter speed is adjustable, all Chinese LCD display, export or foreign companies can be customized English version
9. The length and speed are arbitrarily adjustable, fully automatic cutting and automatic feeding, completely liberating labor
10.LCD large screen intuitive Chinese display, simple and convenient operation; using special mechanical structure and special tools,
With special software control, it solves the problem of uneven cutting in other manufacturers, reaching the level of the slit and the length
11. Fast feeding speed, high cutting force, high cutting efficiency, stable performance, cutting all kinds of hard and thick materials, high cutting precision and straight cut
12. Add unwinding motor and induction photoelectric, which can realize synchronous unwinding, solve the problem of slow feeding speed and poor precision of heavy coils.
13. Double bracket for laminating, double-layer material fit, stable, convenient and integrated, can be placed in various reel materials for cutting








After Warranty ServiceVideo technical support;Online support
After-sales Service ProvidedVideo technical support;Online support
Applicable IndustriesManufacturing Plant;Printing Shops;Energy & Mining;Advertising Company
Brand NameHaidike
Core ComponentsMotherboard
Cutter materialHigh-speed steel
Cutter motorAC motor
Cutting length(mm)0.1-99999.9mm
Cutting precision0.1mm
Cutting speed30-160pcs/min
Feeding motorstepper motor
Feeding width1-500mm
Local Service LocationNone
Machinery Test ReportProvided
Marketing TypeNew Product 2020
Place of OriginGuangdong;China
Power supply220V 50/60Hz
Showroom LocationNone
Video outgoing-inspectionProvided
Warranty1 Year
Warranty of core components3 years

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