Automatic Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine with Cable Middle Stripping 200 Places Wire Stripping Machine

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Product Description

Automatic Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine with Middle Stripping Function

Max 200 Places Stripping of Cable Stripping Insulation from Middle of Wire

Electric Wire Stripping Machine for Middle Window Strip

Automatic Cable Cut & Stripping & Middle Strip Wire Machine Specification

Model No.    :        HS-BX11  16mm² Middle Stripping Machine (Max 200 Sections Strip) ;

Wire Range :        1mm² - 16mm²(AWG17 -AWG5) ;

Cutting Length:     0 - 99999mm ;

Stripping Length : Front 1 - 150mm, Middle 1 - 80mm ,  End  1-80mm ;

Multi-section stripping : Max 200 sections ;

Stripping Drive mode :  4 wheel drive ;

Cutting Blade : High Speed Steel ;

Speed Adjust : 1 -9 ;

Power  : AC 220  , AC 110 ;

Tolerance : ±0.2%*Length

1. Middle Stripping Wire supports Max. 200 places middles stripping, stripping position can be set freely in the program.

2. Middle stripping machine has essential difference than standard stripping machine.

3. With special middle stripping mode to remove the insulation on the wire, the middle stripping place has no limit.

4. Middle Stripping machine also can be used as general wire cutting and stripping machine after removing the middle stripping mode,

Middle Stripping Machine Multi Section Stripping Cable Peeling Wire Machine

Full Automatic Multi-core Wire Cutting Stripping Machine Cable Middle Strip Machine

Blade materialTungsten Carbide Material
Cutting length0-99999mm
FunctionMulti-Section Stripping
Model NumberHS-BX11
NameMiddle Stripping Machine Multi Section Strip
OriginMainland China
Stripping drive mode4 wheel drive
Stripping SectionUp to 200 steps
Stripping Speed1-9 can adjust
Stripping Wire Range1mm2 - 16mm2
TypeMale to Male

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