Automatic Tape Wrapping Machine 5-25mm Tape Wire Winding Machine

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Automatic Tape Wrapping Machine 5-25mm Tape Wire Winding Machine

Full wrap
The tape overlaps the entire wire bundle,the area of tape overlap is adjustable For example,the tape overlaps one halfone thirdone quarter

The tape is wound around one point of the wire harness in turns
The number of winding turns can be set to one turntwo turns and more

Flower wrap
The tape does not overlap when winding the harness
And separated by a certain distance,the separation distance is adjustable


* Smart control panel Intelligent
CNC can be set freely and adjustable power

* Winding device
It can be wound according to different wire harnesses to realize the switching of different forms of winding methods. Strong stability and improved production quality.

*Pay-off port
The circular pay-off port design conforms to the shape of the worker's hand when holding the thread,which improves the production efficiency and is not easy to make mistakes

Product Description

Model BR-34Z
Power supply 220V50HZ
Winding length Infinite
Suitable for larger wire diameter 40mm
Tape width 5-25 /40MM
Host speed 300-2500 continuously adjustable
Weight 25kg
Dimension 400mm Width 370mm Height 320mm

Model NumberDH
OriginMainland China

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