10PCS AB Glue Mixing Tube Two-Component Dynamic Valve Mixing Tube

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The mixing tube is commonly known as the mixing head

It consists of a plastic sleeve on the outside and a spiral rod onthe inside. a series of left and right spiral leavesThe slices are arranged vertically and tightly arranged in thecasing. When the fluid passes through the mixing tube, it iscontinuously cut and recombined If it is divided into two, twointo four, and four into eight, the two fluids can be uniformlyand automatically mixed. The use of the mixing tube providesa low-cost solution for the mixing and mixing of twocomponent liquids

Dynamic mixing tube

The difference between it and the static mixing tube is that the spiral blades in the tube can rotate quickly; the rotation of the spiral blades is powered by a matched motor and valve; this unique mixing tube is suitable for liquids with very different proportions and foamy liquids. It is more suitable for dynamic mixing of glue with high viscosity and large difference in proportion!

Application MaterialsPlastic
OriginMainland China

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