High Accuracy Generator Parts Triode Soldering Machine Wire XT Connector Weld Machine

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High Accuracy Triode Soldering Machine Wire Connector Weld Machine

This product is specially designed for the welding of switches, LED lights, terminals, resistance sensors, termistor, sensors, aviation heads, etc.... Circuit boards and wiring harnesses ...

* Stable tin delivery Rolling tin delivery, fastdelivery and not easy to jam making work more convenient.

* High frequency 250H soldering station. Dedicated high frequency 250H soldering station comes with DC 24V power supply.

* Main control ECU. The controller is a four-digit 0.5-inch green digital tube display (big and clear words at a glance).

* Welding head. High-quality tin head and welding head to ensure no problems in long-term use

Product Description

Model SD-A8
Power MIX Less 150W
Input Voltage DC15V/3A
Welding mode 2 modes are set according to work
Ambient temperature 0- 50 degree
Use Enviroment humidity 0- 70%
Equipment material Aluminum alloy

Model NumberSD-A5
OriginMainland China

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