Semi-automatic Soldering machine

LED Module Soldering Machine WPM-142

LED Module Soldering Machine WPM-142DescriptionFull automatically soldering and soldering quality is

LED Module Soldering Machine WPM-142
Full automatically soldering and soldering quality is better than manual soldering
This LED module soldering machine has perfect soldering program, no fake tin, easy operation and fast
LED module output:3000~5000 pcs/h;
Lamp post output:2000~3000pcs/h
Save 4 to 5 labor.
High-power heating controller to ensure the stability of continuous solder
Double soldering heads, can soldering 2 points per time
Adopts dual-rail structure, more stable

Voltage    AC220V-50Hz
Size    45cm*50cm*60cm
Weight    45kg
Power    350W
Max stroke    Y axis max stroke is 260mm, Z axis max stroke is 120mm
Range of  temperature    0-480℃
Control of the tin output    420 stepper motor
Control system    Single-chip program
Soldering head supported OD of Iron tip    1.0-5.5mm
Soldering head heat method    120W high frequency heating
Transfer method    Belt drive
Supported tin wire diameter    0.1mm-1.2mm
Soldering fast speed    0.01sec
Repeat accuracy    ±0.02mm
Track slide mode    Straight line
Governance structure    Aluminum CNC en